Monday, 28 November 2016

Paros in 10 pictures

This is the backyard. I stumbled upon it during the last days of my stay in the Anatoli appartments in Ambelas, which also include my bff's summer house.
It is early dusk and the wind is calm. Last day's Vardaris has now given its place to a gentle breeze. The stinging silence is interrupted by the clucking of the hens. I reminisce of the omelette I ate that morning for breakfast, cooked with eggs by those same chickens. I feel an inexplicable sense of hope and for a few more moments I know that life is so unpretentiously beautiful.

Those guys have managed in a week to become something for me that others have been trying to be for years. A family. All coupled up, I enjoy watching them discovering each other's soft spots and limits. Love is in the air and in me too.

Naousa, either experienced by day or by night, has a distinct vibe that mesmerizes you from the very first moment. I will not tell you the nature of that vibe because I do not want to set limits to your imagination. I can only assure you that once you get a hold of it, you will never forget it. This photo is taken in a late evening, half an hour before sunset. At night the same spot comes to life, the waves crashing wild and free and the defeaning music from Linardo transports you somewhere mystical. I cannont tell you where that is though... You will have to experience it by yourself.

Secret alleyways of Naousa. You never know what to expect.

That smile.-

When your best friend completes you in every imaginable and unimaginable way.

Salt shining like an electrifying diamond.

Pizzarella - our stamping ground.

Cute cat in Tao's Center.

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