Monday, 28 November 2016

Chasing Sunrises

"Hurry up, we're going to miss it!", I almost screamed to Katerina as she was pulling up at the parking of her house in Ampelas. It was 6.05 a.m. and we had just returned from an impromptu dip in the chilly sea, while the sun was rising. I run to my room and grabbed my DSLR. Katerina was waiting for me on the terrace and together we walked a little cape by the side of the road, overlooking Ampelas beach, the Aegean sea and the west side of Naxos island. The sun has just started to make its appearance from the horizon. 

At first it was a little shiny dot. In 2 minutes it gradually formed into a gleaming half-disc, spreading the first morning light. The sky went from deep purple to light pink and then to an intense red. As the time passed the sun was cutting its way through the dark clouds of the night that has just waved the world goodbye.  Each second that passed welcomed a new ray of light. The silence was deafening. It seemed that the nature was in total stillness out of respect for this new day's beginning. Katerina and I stood breathless. In moments like this you just sit and marvel.

I suddenly realize that I've forgotten my camera. Instead of bringing it with me I just put on my jeans to battle the morning chill. For just a nanosecond I feel disappointed for not documenting this unrepeatable moment. But just then say to myself that really, it doesn't matter. That this twinkle is mine to keep and that my mind is the only camera I ever need. I take a deep breath and exhale. I haven't exchanged a word with my friend for over 10 minutes. At that point I blurt out: "A new day has come!". She turns to me smiling surprisingly. We stare at each others eyes and then sing ferociously "A NEW DAY HAAAAAS COME!!!", the well-known chorus by Celine Dion. Katerina plays it on YouTube and we start singing and dancing around, doing the "welcome of the sun" yoga position, wide-eyed and smiling. 

At that moment I felt lucky for having witnessed that day's commencement, for being with my best friend and for sharing this intangible experience. 

(Photo of a similar sunset at the exact same place as the one described above, a few days before. You can sense the magic!)

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